Sports Physiotherapy

A specialised field of physiotherapy in which deals with injury and issues related to your chosen sport. We focus on assessing the person's whole body and biomechanical demand of the sport in order to develop the most specific treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement strategies for the motivated individual.

Connect Therapy

The collaborative work, initially of Diane Lee and advanced by Dr Linda Joy Lee, has resulted in an approach to injury and dysfunction which considers the interaction of all the different areas of the body. The approach is based on latest research outcomes and exploits elements such as motor relearning and brain plasticity, advanced muscle retraining and strengthening, often with extraordinary results.

Sports Screening

This involves our physiotherapists performing some measures which have been shown to indicate predictors of injury or poor performance in a specific sport.


Hydrotherapy is a type of physiotherapy that is based in warm pool environment utilising buoyancy, light resistance and heat to provide a less intense rehabilitation for conditions such as:

  • Orthopeadic surgeries
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Neurosurgery

Post & Pre Op Rehab

Our physiotherapists work closely with the surgeons of Sydney to guarantee clear communication and efficient rehab to ensure you receive the best possible recovery.

Physiotherapy before your surgery helps your body understand how to use your muscles and joints in your recovery. This physiotherapy can be done before you even go into the hospital.

Dry Needling

One of the most effective ways to release muscle.

Involves the insertion of a very fine needle into the muscle which stimulates the release of pain chemicals the local area of muscle, reduces muscle hypertonicity and allows for the whole body to move more optimally again.

Strength & Conditioning

This is specific to your sports needs, whether its pure power for athletes on track or endurance for a marathon runners or soccer players. We create programs for pre season, mid season and competition to fine tune your body for optimal performance.

Home Visits

For those patients unable to get to the clinic! We regularly go out to your house to do at home assessments and treatments to meet your needs.

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